The Lindy List of Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Related Websites
A Compilation Organized by Shesha and The OC Swing Dance Club
Thanks for helping us put together this public list of swing related sites. In addition to forums we are now listing swing dance promoters/organizations.

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country state city organization site forum type
USANew York - NYIthacaIthacaLindyhttp://ithacalindy.org
USANew York - NYAlbanyAlbanyhop
USANMAlbuquerque505 Stomp
USANorth carolinaRaleighCarolina Dance Club
USAnorth carolinaraleighCarolina Dance Club
USANorth CarolinaMorgantonprivate
USANorth CarolinaDurhamRDU Rent Party
USANorth CarolinaCharlotteQueen City Street Swinghttp://www.queencitystreetswin...http://www.queencitystreetswin...Forumx
USANorth CarolinaCharlotteLovin' Lindy
USANorth CarolinaCharlotteHopewell High School Lindy Hop...
USANorth Carolina - NCResearch TriangleResearch Triangle Swing Dance
USANorth Carolina - NCRaleigh/DurhamTriangle Swing Dance Societyhttp://www.triangleswingdance.......Organizationx
USANorth Carolina - NCRaleighMAD Hoppers Swing Dance Perfor...
USANorth Carolina - NCRaleighEastern Balboa Championships
USANorth Carolina - NCGreensboro/Winston-SalemPiedmont Swing Dance Societyhttp://www.piedmontswingdance....
USANorth Carolina - NCGreensboroGuilford College: Fancy Feet &
USANorth Carolina - NCGreensboroGuilford College: Fancy Feet &
USANorth Carolina - NCGeneralHeckzapoppinhttp://www.heckzapoppin.com
USANorth Carolina - NCCharlotteCharlotte Swing Dance Societyhttp://www.charlotteswingdance......Organizationx
USANorth Carolina - NCCharlotteLindy Addicts
USANorth Carolina - NCAshevilleAsheville Swing Society
USANorth Carolina - - Dance informatio...
USANVLas VegasSwing Dance Vegas
USANYRochesterRIT Swing Dance Club
USANYNew YorkJookJoint Shimmy Blues
USANYKingstonMuddy Lindy
USANYIthacaJojo Jackson
USANYBuffaloSwing Buffalo
USANYBuffaloSwing Dance Thursdayshttp://www.SwingDanceThursdays......Eventx
USAOhioYoungstownThe Swing Jam
USAOhioOxfordMiami University
USAOhioDaytonSwing Out Dayton
USAOhioCincinnatiLiving History Dance Schoolhttp://www.livinghistorydance.......Organizationx
USAOhioCincinnatiMike (the Girl) Legett
USAOhioCincinnatiDan Rosenthal
USAOhio - OHOberlinOberlin Swing Society
USAOhio - OHDaytonSwing Out Dayton
USAOhio - OHColumbusSwing Columbushttp://www.swingcolumbus.com
USAOhio - OHColumbusThe Silky Ray Band
USAOhio - OHCleveland/AkronCleveland/Akron Swing & Hustle...
USAOhio - OHClevelandCleveland Swings
USAOhio - OHClevelandAll Balboa Weekend
USAOhio - OHClevelandGet Hep Swing - Marty & Valeri...
USAOhio - OHClevelandGet Hep Swing
USAOhio - OHClevelandLindy Hop and Balboa Video Cli...
USAOhio - OHClevelandSwingtime Big Bandhttp://www.clevelandswingdanci......Bandx
USAOhio - OHCincinnatiCincySwing
USAOhio - OHCincinnatiCincySwing
USAOhio - OHCincinnatiWest Coast Swing Cincinnati
USAOhio - OHAthensAthens Lindy Bughttp://www.athenslindybug.com
USAOhio - OHALLSwingout Ohio
USAOklahomaTulsaThe Oklahoma Swing Syndicate (...http://www.theoklahomaswingsyn......Organizationx
USAOklahoma - OKTulsaJitterbugs of Tulsey Town
USAOklahoma - OKOklahoma City/TulsaOK-Swing
USAOklahoma - OKOklahoma CityOK-Lindy
USAOregonPortlandCome Rain Come Shine
USAOregonPortlandStumptown Dance
USAOregonEugeneEugene Swing
USAOregon - ORWest PortlandChristian Swing
USAOregon - ORSouthern OregonSouthern Oregon Swing Club
USAOregon - ORPortland (Westside)Westside Swing
USAOregon - ORPortlandSwingout.net
USAOregon - ORPortlandPortland Lindy Exchange Group
USAOregon - ORPortland5678dance
USAOregon - ORPortlandWestside Swing
USAOregon - ORPortlandPortland Swing Dancing
USAOregon - ORPortlandThe Oregon Dance Fair
USAOregon - ORPortlandTuesday Blues
USAOregon - ORPortlandDancing in Portland
USAOregon - ORPortlandSwing and Lindy Hop Instructio...
USAOregon - OREugeneEugene Swing
USAOregon - OREugeneEugene Swing Group
USAOregon - ORCorvallisOregon State West Coast Swing ...
USAOregon - ORBeavertonSouth Ridge High School Swing ...
USAOregon - ORALLthat one chickhttp://bluespulse.com
USAOregon - ORAllThe Joint is Jumpin Swing Danc...
USAPAYorkYork Swing Dance Club
USAPaPottstownSwing Kat Entertainment
USAPAPittsburghiLindy Instructional Videos On...
USAPAPittsburghKevin St Laurent
USAPAPittsburghPittStop Lindy Hop Exchange
USAPAPhiladelphiaLindy and Blues (LaB)
USAPAMillersvilleLancaster Swing Dance
USAPACentral PennsylvaniaCentral PA Swing Dance
USAPACentral PACentral PA Swing Dance Clubhttp://www.centralpaswingdance......Organizationx
USAPasadenaCASwing Dance Stuff
USAPennsylvaniaYorkYork's Urban Swing Dance Club
USAPennsylvaniaState CollegePSU Swing Dance Club
USAPennsylvaniaPittsburghPittStop Lindy Hop
USAPennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhilly Lindy Lovehttp://www.phillylindylove.comwww.phileswingdance.comEventx
USAPennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaLindy and Blueshttp://www.LindyandBlues.comwww.phileswingdance.comOrganizationx
USAPennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaThe Jazz Attichttp://www.thejazzattic.com
USAPennsylvania - PAPittsburghThe Pittsburgh Swing Dance Net...http://www.pghdance.com
USAPennsylvania - PAPittsburghThe Boilermaker Jazz Band
USAPennsylvania - PAPittsburghThe Boilermaker Jazz Bandhttp://www.boilermakerjazzband......Bandx
USAPennsylvania - PAPittsburghHep to the Jive

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