The Lindy List of Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Related Websites
A Compilation Organized by Shesha and The OC Swing Dance Club
Thanks for helping us put together this public list of swing related sites. In addition to forums we are now listing swing dance promoters/organizations.

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country state city organization site forum type
USAGeneralGeneralNew Move of the Week
USAALLALLiDance Online Instruction
USACODenverMark & Shauna Online Classeshttp://www.markandshaunaswing.......Instructionx
USAUtah - UTSalt Lake CityHow2Dance
USAOregon - ORPortlandSwing and Lindy Hop Instructio...
USAPAPittsburghiLindy Instructional Videos On...
USANorth CarolinaMorgantonprivate
USAWASeattleDans Dance Revolution.comhttp://danceonline.tv
USAWASeattleDans Dance Revolution
ESMadridMadridJappy Swing


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