The Lindy List of Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Related Websites
A Compilation Organized by Shesha and The OC Swing Dance Club
Thanks for helping us put together this public list of swing related sites. In addition to forums we are now listing swing dance promoters/organizations.

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country state city organization site forum type
South AfricaWestern CapeCape TownBoogie Back dance Co.
USAWashington - WASeattleWhite Heathttp://www.whiteheat.org
USAWashington - WASeattleMyDanceDate.com
USAWAYakimaThe Dance Syndicate
USAWA SeattleNorthwest Concrete Resurfacing...http://www.NWConcreteResurfaci......Otherx
AustraliaVicMelbourneGorgeous Rock n Swing Gear
USAUSUSPhysiotherapy Sydney CBD
United KingdomUnited KingdomUnited KingdomUnafilliated
USAukukCrucero Moscu San Petersburgohttp://www.russiancruisecompan...http://www.russiancruisecompan...Otherx
USATN Old HickorySundek of Nashville
USATexas - TXDallasSons of Hermann Hall
USATexasLockhartSwing Dance Blog Lindy Fictionhttp://www.girlinthejitterbugd......Otherx
SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeJazzUp Your Life Singapore
South KoreaSeoulSeoulBar infohttp://koreanswinginfo.blogspo......Otherx
KoreaSeoulSeoulAdamas & Sue Mi- Where to Danc...
BrasilSão PauloSão PauloLindy Hop Central
BrazilSão PauloSão PauloLindy Hoppers - SP
ChileSantiagoSantiagoLindy Hoppers de Chilehttp://www.lindyhoppersdechile......Otherx
BrazilRio de JaneiroRio de JaneiroLindy Riohttp://www.lindyrio.blogspot.c......Otherx
BrasilRio de JaneiroRio de JaneiroLindy Hop Riohttp://www.lindyhoprio.blogspo......Otherx
LithuaniaOtherVilniusHoppers' Dance Studio
USAOregon - ORALLthat one chickhttp://bluespulse.com

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