The Lindy List of Lindy Hop and Swing Dance Related Websites
A Compilation Organized by Shesha and The OC Swing Dance Club
Thanks for helping us put together this public list of swing related sites. In addition to forums we are now listing swing dance promoters/organizations.

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country state city organization site forum type
FranceGirondeBordeauxFestival Appellation Swing Con...
FranceIsèreGrenobleGrenoble Swing
FranceSouth WestAlanFOUS DE DANSE
FranceToulouseToulouseLindy Hop and Balboa
GermanyBavariaMunichBoogie-Bären München e.V.
GermanyBavariaLandsberg a. L. near MunichBoogie-Bären München e.V.
Germany BerlinBerlinSwing Up the Backyard http://http://www.swinguptheba......Eventx
GermanyHessenFrankfurt am MainSwinging Frankurthttp://www.swinging-frankfurt.......Eventx
GermanyMunchenMunichOktoberfest Exchange
GermanySachsenDresdenJam Circle Deluxe Dresden
GermanySachsenDresdenSwing in Dresden
GermanySachsenDresdenBalboa Snacks Dresdenhttp://balboa-snacks.dehttp://www.balboa-snacks.deEventx
GermanySachsenDresdenJam Circle Aerials Workshop
GermanySachsenDresdenBlues in Dresdenhttp://the-gravel-pit.comhttp://jam-circle.deEventx
GermanySaxonyDresdenPlenty Hot Dresdenhttp://plenty-hot.comhttp://www.plenty-hot.comEventx
GermanySaxonyDresdenSwing in Dresdenhttp://balboabasics.jam-circle...
GermanySaxonyDresdenJam Circle - West Coast Swing
GermanySaxonyDresdenJam Circle - Lindy Hophttp://lindysnacks.jam-circle....
GermanySaxonyDresdenJam Circle special
GermanySaxonyDresdenJam Circle Big Apple Weekend
Greeceallon a beachSwing 'n' Swimhttp://www.lindyhop.gr
Hungary-BudapestInternational dance camp
israelisraeltel avivTel Aviv Summer Swing Festival

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